Free Download PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 2010 v incl License Key and KeyGen @ THE ONE AND ONLY | FREE DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE | MOVIES | GAMES | AND MORE

     Spyware Doctor has advanced spyware removal technology designed especially for people, not just experts. It is automatically configured out of the box to give you optimal protection with limited interaction so all you need to do is install it for immediate and ongoing protection.

     Spyware Doctor's advanced IntelliGuard technology only alerts users on a true Spyware detection. This is significant because you should not be interrupted by cryptic questions every time you install software, add a site to your favorites or change your PC settings. Such messages can be confusing and lead to undesirable outcomes such as inoperable programs, lost favorites or even Spyware being allowed to install on the system. We've done the research so you don't have to.

    Spyware Doctor has the most advanced update feature that continually improves its Anti Spyware capabilities on daily basis. As Spyware gets more complex to avoid detection by AntiSpyware programs Spyware Doctor responds with new technology to stay one step ahead. 

  • Built on a modular architecture which utilizes a diverse range of technologies that detect, remove, and block spyware threats attempting to compromise your PC.
  • Advanced rootkit detection technology identifies and removes hidden threats from your PC.
  • Multi-layered browsing protection  against web-based attacks, including phishing attempts, rogueware scare tactics and silent drive-by downloads, using a combination of reactive blacklists and proactive dynamic content analysis spyware blocker technologies.
  • Site Guard blocks you from visiting potentially unsafe or phishing websites and from downloading threats through your browser, IM or email.
  • Cookie Guard automatically removes potentially malicious tracking and advertising cookies.
  • Browser Guard stops 'drive-by' downloads of fake AV or malicious files from compromised or exploit websites.
  • Constant real-time IntelliGuard™ protection prevents known and new malware threats before they can install and cause any harm to your PC. IntelliGuard™ monitors for malicious activity involving spyware processes, viral activity, tracking cookies, suspicious ActiveX objects, browser hijackers, keyloggers, trojans and more.
  • Intelli-Scan™ swiftly hunts and kills active spyware threats  - utilizes patent-pending spider scanning technology to quickly identify and remove threats.
  • State Awareness Modes intuitively detect how you are using your PC and adjust to minimize performance impact and reduce interruptions.

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